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How to upload photos to facebook without losing Quality?

Why my photos look so bad on Facebook, that was the first question for me, and I believe for many of you after creating your page and uploading first photo.

 I would like to start this short article from small secret; believe it or not just few months ago I have created my first Facebook page. I’m professional photographer who invested thousands on gear, to get sharpest possible photos and under my surprise the first photo I have uploaded to Facebook looked all blurry, pixilated, smudge like. WHYYYYY?
So why is that happened, why my photo look good on my laptop, but not on my Facebook page? And the answer is actually quite simple - RESOLUTION. When you upload photo to Facebook, it tries to downsize your photo, to a smaller resolution and it causes all this blurriness and pixilation.
If you want your photos to look nice and sharp on Facebook, you just have to follow these few steps:
Saving images
When you save image, save as a JPEG format with sRGB color profile, don’t try to upload RAW format or TIFF using CMYK color profile.

Upload from desktop.
If you want better quality always upload your photos from desktop and never ever from mobile devices, plus do it via photos tab, not via timeline status bar, the reason is that you have more control. DON’T FORGET tick high quality check box while uploading.

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Resize your photos.
This is the main and most important advice, always resize your photos. If you uploading regular photos to your timeline or album choose: 720px, 960px, 2048px (width). Cover photo 851px by 315px and not more than 100KB in size. If you will try to upload higher resolution photo Facebook will try to downsize it leaving you with blurry photo.

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