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Best App for photo editing

Someone once said that the best camera is the one you have with you, and these days it’s usually your smart phone, so It’s no surprise that people looking seriously at phone photography.

 Taking picture of beautiful landscape, or your loved ones is just one part of the puzzle. As you may know most of the photos on the internet are edited with one or other software doesn’t matter if photo was taken with DSL or a phone. We all know the best program to edit your photos is Photoshop, though it is very complicated and it takes years to master this tool.

So what if you are not professional photographer, but you want awesome photos on the go.

Once again google comes in to help, with its app Snapseed. I have been using Snapseed quite for some time now, and I can say it’s the best photo editing app for android and IOS Period, and I will explain you why.

1. Believe it or not with all the power this app can offer it’s totally FREE, so you do not need to invest any money to have great photos, updates comes free as well, no promotions running you crazy, asking to buy something.

2. It’s the most simple app for phone edits I have ever used, the interfaces so intuitive that you will need no more than few minutes to figure out how it’s works, and edit your photos like you used it for many years.

3. It’s full of ready to use filters, and the best part is that you can adjust the strength of effect to any of these filters, plus some filters have even few options you can choose from.

4. If you are serious about your photos you can dig in to all other tools provided for you in just one click and swipe.

5. The best thing about this app is that you can do adjustment not just globally but also locally, with Brush, and Selective tools. With brush you can choose from four different tasks you can perform: Dodge and burn, Exposure, temperature, saturation. It’s very handy tool when you need to adjust just some parts of the picture. Let’s image you took awesome photo of some landscape, but the sky is way too bright and the background is exposed properly, if you would use any other global adjustment it would affect your all image and blow your sky even more, but with Brush tool you can select just sky and brush around to find the perfect balance.

 Selective tool is also very helpful, if you want to pop some parts of you photo, for example you have the same landscape with sun rays hitting the hill, and you want to lighten that place just a bit so it would look better, with Selective tool you just need to click once on the place you want to adjust and swipe left or right to lighten to you desired point.

6. Another great feature that Snapseed could offer is before and after tool, where you see what was changed to photo and if you like it or not.

7. One more handy tool in Snapseed is Spot removal tool, that helps you to get rid of unwanted subjects in your photo, thou it work its best magic only on uncomplicated parts like sky or grass, but it’s better than nothing.

8. If you are really picky about you edits, Snapseed can offer you another great help – Histogram, it is really handy to have this tool while editing photo as you can see how many darks and light you have in your photo, thou it shows just darks and lights no color information (something to improve Google).

9. One more tool that caught my eye is transform tool, it is very simple and it does what it says transform you photo, but the great part is when you rotate your photo you might leave some corners cropped, but not with Snapseed it fills the cropped areas.

To sum up it’s very powerful tool to edit your photos on the phone that everyone must have. I could say that it has 90 percent of what I need to edit photo on the go, I just would like to see in the future version selective sharpen, and big blur gallery like our bellowed Tilt-shift.