This blog is all about photography, editing software, tips and tricks that I gained during many years.

How to shoot and edit for INSTAGRAM?

Or how to make your phone do magic?


    Phones hardware (camera) and software getting better and better, so it’s no surprise that you can have your business running using just your phone and Instagram.
    Just by using flagship phone and some awesome apps wouldn’t make you god of Instagram, because it’s you who takes the photos, and generate ideas, but better camera and editing apps could make it easier.

Choose your path
    Let’s get straight to the case: be consistent, choose your style, don’t upload everything, create idea and support that idea with photos, don’t jump from one idea to other, stick to your plan, because people on Instagram follow what they like, I mean LIKE if you like dark moody photos you most probably will hate colorful hdr photos, so don’t make your followers confused.  

    This is the most important. Don’t be like everyone.  Try to find your style, or new angle, don’t take same boring pictures of same well know places like everyone else. Try to find new places, take hundred pictures, to get that perfect one. Don’t be lazy get up early, freeze your ass at night, and take that extra mile for that perfect shot. 

How to shoot (best camera app)
    It doesn’t matter if you shooting with big pro DSLR or using your phone, the rules are the same, but sometimes phone just can’t make it.
    I really like to shoot at night, but we all know that native camera of Iphone 6 (the phone of my choice) , is quite shitty, specially talking about night photography. So I have looked for some app that could help me to get better night photos. I have tried like 30 apps and at the end I have found one that I would like to recommend – CORTEX CAM. I just love this app, it’s simple to use, no fancy stuff going on here, and it just does the job. I was amazed how good this camera app is. Could you imagine shooting at night long exposure using your phone HAND HELD - Yes this app is that powerful, so don’t hesitate to download it.

Best editing apps for your phone
    I have tried hundreds editing apps, but after month of testing I found that these are the best apps for editing your phone pictures.
Snapseed is one of the best apps you can get these days, very simple to use, and the best part it’s free. Plus for android users you also can edit raw file – AWESOME. If you want to get bit more creative: REFLECT, ROLL WORLD is your apps of choice, fun to use easy to edit, simply great apps. For those out there who are perfectionists and hate crooked photos SKRWT is you main weapon on instagram wars. Simple app made just for one purpose – make everything straight.
    I know how we all love filters, and if you want to be different it’s not enough to use only instagram filters: MEXTURE, FILTERRA, VSCOCAM – these are the apps for those crazy filters. If you looking for all around editing app I would recommend you FILTERSTORM, PIXLR, LIGHTROOM - really great apps, for everything: general editing, filters, even double exposures.

How to edit photos on your phone
    My first advice would be don’t get too crazy with filters. It is always better to do local adjustment with brush than global. All filter job I leave for the very end of editing. It would be perfect to have well exposed picture with right sky and foreground, but usually some parts of picture gets over or under exposed, so it is wise to edit those parts locally, not just simply through some filter that will make those parts even worse.
    If you need - use 5 apps to get that perfect edit. It is quite hard or even impossible to find one app that would do everything, so just dive in the app world and make that stunning photo, just be careful, I have noticed that some apps tend to lower the quality of the photo, so don’t get too crazy, specially with filters, use 1-2 filters for the photo, one for mood other making your edits invisible.
At last ZOOM like crazy. Photos are all about details, so don’t miss those details, zoom to 200%, check every corner of your photo, don’t leave any mistakes. After done all editing at 200 percent, zoom out to see your masterpiece.